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Fannie spent those years armed with a pair of scissors and a vision for reworking clothing. Having watched her mom work as a seamstress, and inspired by legendary designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, she started to experiment on her own clothing, refashioning a skirt into a dress, or tear entire sleeves off a dress. Never afraid to look different, Fannie always made bold fashion choices. Clothing became a “coat of armor”. Something that transforms, lifts spirits, allows you to stand with confidence. Inspired by the strength in menswear, she grew up as a tomboy, and naturally gravitates towards menswear styles but in a feminine way. During her acting years, she also discovered styling.  It was being on film and commercial sets where she would create her own looks for her characters. From then on, she would raid countless friends’ closets and create outfits.  At her intern position with a major stylist for Vogue Japan, being surrounded by the mecca of clothes, shoes and accessories ultimately fired up her insatiable creativity and desire for designing.  Fannie continues to style for commercials and print, as well as for private clients.  She is a vintage shop addict who plans her travels around flea markets, estate sales and vintage shops. Music and films ever inspire Fannie. When she’s not raiding anyone’s closet, she can be spotted DJ-ing at the latest downtown hotspot.

Connie began her professional career in the financial sector with a B.A in Management Science and minor in Mathematics, working for a prominent Investment Bank in NY.  She also spent years in the fashion industry as a model with major fashion companies, primarily in Asia, where she refined her sense of style. More recently, Connie founded and operated one of New York’s most popular yoga studios, and founded a yoga apparel line that combined style and design with fitness functionality.  Her fashion sense rests in luxury details, classic silhouettes with unexpected twists and a passion for prints and texture.  Connie lives in Soho NYC and the East End of Long Island with her husband and daughter.  She enjoys dragging her husband shopping; acting silly with her daughter, and goes gaga over beautifully made clothes with surprisingly unexpected details.  She believes in comfort and wearability, and is infatuated with the way clothing can be made to flatter the female form.

femme d’armes blends downtown NY sensibility with modern global influences, to create wearable statement pieces with a sexy twist.  Founded in New York City in 2010 by sisters Connie Majoros and Fannie Chan, this line is a culmination of the duo’s shared fashion roots and their eventual separate metamorphosis.


Growing up in Brooklyn, Connie and Fannie felt they never quite fit in, until they discovered downtown New York in the 80s. They followed graffiti art and immersed in the club culture in the East Village & Soho.

femme d’armes collection is designed and produced in the garment district in New York City.  We believe in supporting and promoting our local artisans and businesses that are so vital to our fashion community.

femme d’armes works with fabric mills from Europe and Asia.  We offer exclusive prints found in vintage archives, or developed through our print resources.  We constantly work with our fab​ric mills to develop specialty fabrics for our collection.  They are a big part of our inspiration for the season, and add the global influence that is inherent in our aesthetic.  We cultivate these influences through our travels where we collect vintage textiles, prints, and embellishments for our clothes.  It's an artisan’s touch that we love.

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